Timber Frame homes are typically more of an investment than similar stick-built structures. In general, you can estimate a timber frame costing roughly 20% more than a conventionally built building. That being said, the actual cost of your home is determined by many factors, including design complexity, the size/square footage of the home, material selection, and more. The best way to get an idea of the cost for your project is to call us directly.

overlooked expenses

When clients are planning a timber frame project, they often forget to budget for expenses not directly related to the actual build or parts of the home that are not readily visible when the project is complete.

If you're planning a project, remember to budget for the following:

Administrative costs

Design and architectural fees
Engineering fees
Land use permit (if applicable)
Driveway permit (if applicable)
Building permit
Insurance (home owner's policy)

$2,000-4,000 (depending on home size)
$1,500-4,000 (depending on municipality)

site work

Lot clearing
Driveway (install access)
Excavation: project site
Excavation: backfill
Private septic (if required)
Private well (if required)
Trenching: electrical service
Trenching: natural gas
Trenching: telecommunications
Demolition (if applicable)
Concrete: foundation
Concrete: flatwork

$900-1,800 (depending on distance)
$1,000-1,500 (same as above)
$800-1,200 (same as above)
$25,000-50,000 (depending on size)
$10,000-18,000 (same as above)

Looking for an estimate? Give us a call.