SIP Construction

At Cascade Construction, we use structural insulated panels (SIPS) as part of our construction process to complete the exterior envelope around your timber frame. SIPS increase the structural integrity of your home while offering superior energy efficiency.

What are SIPS?

SIPS, or structural insulated panels, are envelope walls, floors, and ceilings for your structure. Typically, they're built with an energy efficient foam core surrounded by two sides of oriented strand board (OSB).

Benefits of SIPS

The main advantage of SIPS is that the panels are a two-in-one product: they increase the structural integrity of your home while offering superior insulation. SIPS also offer the following benefits:

Interior Comfort

Structural insulated panels are offer superior indoor environmental control. As solid pieces, they block wind and moisture, reduce sound, and maintain a consistent indoor climate.

Energy efficiency

Homes built with SIPS are airtight and consistently outperform conventionally framed homes in energy efficiency. In testing, solid structural panels show approximately 90% less air leakage than identical spaces build with 2x6 studs. What this means to homeowners is less money spent on heating and cooling over the lifetime of the structure.

Installation Speed

SIP installation can reduce framing time by as much as 50%. Less time framing means less time the interior of your home is exposed to the elements during construction, and the quicker finish contractors can get a climate-controlled environment to put the finishing touches on your home.

SIPS and TIMber Frames

Structural insulated panels partner perfectly with the open floor plan and tall walls of timber frame homes. SIPS are designed by CAD specifically for your home's design and are built to fit your frame when they arrive onsite.

Want to learn more? We're proud members of SIPA, the Structural Insulated Panel Association. We encourage you to find out more about SIPS through their informative website,

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